Wool socks 40-41

Limited quantities.

- 100% pure new wool from Chambord castle's Sologne ewes

- Handcrafted in France

- Size 40-41

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Product description

Local, handcrafted wool socks

Socks made from the wool of the Chambord castle's Sologne sheep are designed by the Loir-et-Chérienne association Au fil des toisons.

Choosing wool socks means opting for a sustainable, quality product.

Wool socks retain little odor. Wool is a breathable material that effectively regulates humidity. Excess moisture is transported to the outside of the sock, keeping your feet dry.

Available in sizes 38 to 45.

Domain note

Solognot sheep at Château de Chambord

As part of its agricultural renaissance strategy, in 2020 the estate acquired a flock of Solognot ewes, a hardy breed emblematic of the region.

Well-suited to the estate's natural habitats, the flock is helping to safeguard the breed and maintain open environments. One of the main benefits of this reintroduction is the added value of the wool.

While there were 300,000 head of these sheep in the 19th century, feeding the people of Sologne and providing wool for the French army's military clothing, they almost disappeared in the middle of the 20th century, with only 300 individuals recorded at the time.

Product characteristics

100% pure new wool from Chambord castle's Sologne ewes

Made in France by local association Au fil des toisons

Size 40-41

Questions and Answers

How to wash wool socks?

To keep your wool socks from shrinking, we recommend favoring hand-washing or, if necessary, opting for your washing machine's cold wool program.

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