Osprey plush

- Realistic osprey plush toy

- Gift idea for nature lovers

- Stuffing made from recycled plastic

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Product description

From the nest to the bed, the osprey plush will be with you every night.

This playmate will raise your children's awareness of the need to protect this species.

Its realism and softness will delight young and old nature and wild bird lovers alike.

Domain note

The osprey at Chambord

The osprey has been observed in the Chambord forest since 1995. Between seven and nine pairs nest at Chambord between March and September. Pairs separate to migrate to Senegal, Gambia, Spain or Portugal. Chambord is the 2nd most important Osprey breeding site in France.

This migratory bird of prey is one of the protected species on the Chambord estate. Threatened with extinction, the species completely disappeared from mainland France at the beginning of the 20th century. To counter this, various protection measures were put in place from the 1970s onwards.

Find out more about the osprey in Chambord


Product characteristics

- Size: 25 cm

- Made from recycled plastic

- Hand-washable

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