Deer Cuddly toy

This small Chambord deer plush is the perfect gift to help newborns fall asleep naturally.
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Product description

This cute deer plush accompanies your child safely and familiarly to the path of dreams. Tender and reassuring, this cuddly toy loves to be cuddled and guides babies back to calm. This little deer plush is the ideal gift to help newborns fall asleep naturally.

Domain note


Chambord has set itself the goal of protecting and developing the "Château de Chambord" brand. The aim is to defend the intangible heritage of Chambord and to bring it to life by creating products based on the natural resources of the estate or by joining forces with other brands.

Chambord is also committed to 100% made-in-France clothing and to promoting the history of the estate. By creating collaborations with excellent craftsmen who work in the French art of living, Chambord invites the public to promote French resources, know-how and industries.

The Cerf and Salamandre comforters were made especially for Chambord in accordance with these commitments by the French designer Alexia Naumovic presented by the brand Façon de Faire.

Façon de Faire is an association committed to serving French actors in the textile, fashion and clothing industry who are committed to a "Made in France, sustainable and responsible" approach.

Through its action, it promotes the relocation of the production of the textile, fashion and clothing industry in France. 

Product characteristics

Origin: 100% French production

Materials: organic cotton

Size 30cm

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