Slab Box

- Like a "moo box" with the famous sound of the king of the forest

- A unique product invented by Domaine national de Chambord

- Genuine recording of the bellowing of a deer in the park.

- An original souvenir for young and old

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Product description

Want to hear the deer bawling? In autumn, the cry of the stag for the mating season is heard throughout the forest of Chambord. As with a "moo box", play at turning the sound box upside down and discover the famous sound of the king of the forest. It's a fun souvenir for young and old alike.

The mooing box is a unique product invented by the Domaine National de Chambord. The sound of the box is a real recording of the bellow of a deer in the park. Designed on the model of a real euro banknote, the Chambord zero euro souvenir banknote is a popular collector's item. This collector's note has all the features of a modern banknote: security dots, hologram, UV, watermark, etc. This collector's item bears the effigy of the Château de Chambord. It features an illustration of the famous façade of the castle and its French gardens.

Domain note


The forest of Chambord is a privileged place in France to witness the stag's bellowing in the first days of autumn. This period, which corresponds to the mating season, is the ideal time to meet this king of the forest. Deer and hinds gather in open areas and offer an astonishing spectacle, allowing you to observe them up close and listen to their hoarse cries echoing through the trees. Slabbing is a very important period for the dominant bucks, they have to defend their territory and conquer the does...

Therefore, they eat little and can lose up to 25% of their weight. The bellowing season ends with the mating... A union from which will be born, a few months later (between May and June), little fawns! By bellowing, the deer warns of its presence and challenges other males who would approach its territory. In case of an encounter with another adult male, antlers clash and violent fights can sometimes break out. The winner will keep his territory while the loser will have to come back later to try his luck again.

Product characteristics

Dimensions : Ø 6 cm x h 6 cm

Material : Plastic

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