Set of three Chambord beer glasses

- 3 beer glasses

- Original gift idea

- With the effigy of the seal of Chambord

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Product description

A set of original beer glasses to offer

Embellished with the Chambord seal, these glasses will give a royal dimension to your tastings and meals. This set of tableware offers you a set of three Chambord beer glasses that are as solid as they are practical. With their comfortable grip, these stemmed glasses invite you to savor delicious aromas that are only for you to guess.

A set of beer glasses for an original gift idea to offer or to offer yourself.

Discover the collection of exceptional glasses of Chambord

Domain note

The seal of Chambord

Like the fleur de lys or the crown of François I, the seal of Chambord is a royal symbol.

This "double C" was specially created by the estate from a forest hammer. Indeed, this tool had, on one side, an axe blade to remove pieces of bark, and on the other, a mass engraved with a punch to hit the trunk. Thus, the mark of the trees to be cut was printed... This operation was called "hammering".

Today, the Chambord brand uses this royal seal on all the estate's wine production and to certify the origin of products made directly from the estate's resources.

Product characteristics

Capacity : 37,5 cl