Boxed set of 6 Chambord Champagne flutes

Share an exceptional moment thanks to our selection of "Chambord" flutes.

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Product description

Share an exceptional moment thanks to our selection of "Chambord" flutes.

Embellished with the Chambord seal, these remarkably fine flutes will grace your tables with elegance and give a royal dimension to your tastings. Their transparency invites you to admire the colour of the champagne, and their pleasant grip invites you to appreciate its most subtle notes.

Domain note


Like the fleur de lys or the crown of François I, the seal of Chambord is a royal symbol.

This "double C" was specially created by the estate from a forest hammer. This tool had an axe blade on one side to remove pieces of bark, and on the other side, a hammer engraved with a punch to strike the trunk. In this way, the mark of the trees to be cut was printed... This operation was called "hammering".

Today, the Chambord brand uses this royal seal on all the estate's wine production and to certify the origin of products made directly from the estate's resources.

Product characteristics

Material: Glass - Capacity: 37 cl

Questions and Answers

Quelle est la différence entre une coupe et une flûte de champagne ?

Seule la forme diffère. Si la coupe est toute en rondeur avec un pied plus court, la flûte, quant à elle, est plus mince et tout en longueur. Ainsi, pour les grandes réceptions, on préfèrera la flûte pour éviter de renverser son verre dans une bousculade. De plus, la flûte étroite préserve l’effervescence et tous les arômes du champagne, puisqu’il est moins en contact avec l’air.