Chambord isothermal bottle 500ml

The isothermal bottle: The King Knight of Chambord is a 100% healthy and zero waste bottle.



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Product description

The isothermal bottle: The King Knight of Chambord is a 100% healthy and zero waste bottle.

Unlike disposable plastic bottles, this stainless steel bottle is environmentally friendly and easy to carry. It allows you to provide fresh water during your long walks in the forest as well as in everyday life. With its hygienic and leak-proof cap, no more bottles that open in your backpack.

Treat yourself to the luxury of kings with this reusable bottle that preserves the taste and temperature of your favourite drinks Cold water, iced water, tea, coffee, soup, energy drinks, fresh or sparkling fruit juices, protein drinks...

Domain note


François I, born François d'Angoulême on 12 September 1494 in Cognac, died on 31 March 1547 in Rambouillet. He was crowned King of France on 25 January 1515 in Reims Cathedral and reigned until his death in 1547. The son of Charles of Orleans (1459-1496), Count of Angouleme, and Princess Louise of Savoy (1476-1531), François I was not destined to become king.

He nevertheless acceded to the throne by succeeding Louis XII, his cousin, who was without an heir at his death.

In 1519, he undertook the construction of a new royal house at Chambord, in the heart of the game-filled Sologne. The king followed the progress of the construction with interest. It was a palace in his image, inherited from medieval traditions and Renaissance ideas. For him, Chambord was as much a secluded retreat where he liked to come and hunt with his friends as it was a brilliant architectural creation and a political manifesto. He also invited foreign diplomats and, in 1539, his rival Charles V, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, to dazzle them.

When he died in 1547, the chapel wing and the lower enclosure had not yet been completed. His son Henry II continued the construction of the western wing.

Product characteristics

Size: 500ml

Materials: stainless steel

Shelf life of your drinks: 12 hours hot and 24 hours cold