Luce and liberty – Tome 2 Contes de Chambord

Only in french.

- A richly illustrated children's book

- A story inspired by real events, a fun way to learn

- Les Contes de Chambord collection

- Ages 7 and up


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Product description

A moving children's book inspired by real events in Chambord's history

Luce et la liberté" is the second volume in the Contes de Chambord series.

Listening to the illustrations transports young readers to the heart of the Second World War, tracing the history of the protection of works of art during the war and the exceptional destiny of the Château de Chambord.

A documentary page is included at the end of the book to place the tale in a historical context.


In 1940, Luce spends a few days at Chambord with her mother, who is in charge of protecting the collections of the French National Museums.
She discovers a fairytale castle filled with thousands of works of art, sheltered from the war. One morning, she witnesses the opening of a crate containing a deeply moving painting by Eugène Delacroix.
Will the masterpiece survive the war?

Domain note

The genesis of Les Contes de Chambord

The conception of Les Contes de Chambord began in 2019. Virginie Berdal, a historian who has been in charge of research at the estate for 20 years, immersed herself in the history of Chambord and the Royal Navy in the 18th century.

Inspired by her fascinating discoveries, Virginie imagines for her children the adventures of Jehan, an eight-year-old boy living on a farm in the Parc de Chambord in 1745.

Seeing her children enthralled and captivated by this story, the author passed it on to our team.

This story will be self-published for the first time in 2020 by the Domaine national de Chambord. "Jehan et le grand chêne" will be republished in 2023 with Éditions Faton, and is the first volume in the Contes de Chambord collection.

The second volume, "Luce et la Liberté", will be published by the same company at the end of 2023.

Product characteristics

Dimensions: 20 x 27 cm

24 pages


Éditions Faton

The authors: Virginie BERDAL, historian, is in charge of research at the Domaine national de Chambord and author of the tale. Cécile Guinement, illustrator of children's books.