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New! As early as 1939, forty years before its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Château de Chambord played an essential role in the protection of French collections.

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The Château de Chambord played an essential role in the protection of French collections during the Second World War. Placed at the heart of an evacuation and safeguarding plan, designed and coordinated by the National Museums Directorate, it became the country's most important repository of works of art, still holding 4,000 m3 of crates in June 1944. Thanks to the daily devotion of the curators and guards for a castle transformed into a museum as singular as it was improbable, where the Mona Lisa rubbed shoulders with the Lady with a Unicorn and Liberty Guiding the People, the thousands of works placed under their responsibility for six years were returned intact to their respective institutions at the end of the conflict.

A story of works but also of men, all taken hostage.


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Chambord 1939-1945: "Saving a little of the world's beauty

In 1939, in order to save them from the bombings and the Nazis' greed, thousands of works of art were sent in convoys to eleven castles and abbeys in central and western France, including Chambord. The castle, which was closed to the public, housed thousands of art objects, mostly from French public collections, thus becoming the largest repository in France. Iconic works, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People and The Lady with a Unicorn, have been hidden away.

This new space, accessible from the castle's terraces, underlines the role played by the monument in preserving the treasures of humanity, in the spirit of UNESCO, which included it on its list of world heritage sites in 1981. Thanks to innovative mediation, the visit, which will lift the veil on an episode of the life of Chambord until now unexplored, speaks to all audiences, including the youngest.




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96 pages - 2021 (French only)