Château de Chambord 2023 collector's ticket

- Collector's ticket

- Year 2023

- Illustrated by the facade of the castle and French gardens

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Product description

A collector's euro banknote of Chambord castle

Very popular with collectors, the zero euro banknote bearing the effigy of the Château de Chambord is designed on the model of a real banknote.

This collector's item has all the characteristics of a modern banknote: security dots, hologram, U.V., watermark, etc.

It features the illustration of the famous facade of the castle and its French gardens.

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Domain note

The castle of Chambord 1519

A palace emerges in the heart of the marshy lands of Sologne. François I, a young king, ordered its construction. It is a monumental architectural work that the king likes to show to sovereigns and ambassadors as a symbol of his power, written in stone.

The plan of the castle and its decorations were conceived around a central axis: the famous double revolution staircase, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, an ascending spiral that leads from the terraces to the abundance of fireplaces and sculpted capitals. It was not until the reign of Louis XIV that the building was completed. It was also at this time that the castle's surroundings were developed during the 17th century. The castle and the park are owned by the State since 1930.

Today, Chambord welcomes two million visitors per year.

Product characteristics

Size : 13,5 x 7,4 cm

Material : Paper