Collection medal François Ier 2023

- Collector coin from the Monnaie de Paris

- Year 2023

- Effigy of François Ier

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Product description

Monnaie de Paris collector's coin

Both a souvenir and a collector's item, this medal is struck by the Monnaie de Paris.

Its obverse depicts the bust of François I in a portrait by official Renaissance painters such as Jean and François Clouet.

A prized collector's item, it will complete your collection of coins linked to major French cultural sites.

Domain note

Francis I

In 1519, François I undertook the construction of a new royal residence at Chambord, in the heart of the game-filled and marshy Sologne region. The king followed construction progress with interest, even though he rarely stayed there during his reign. He created a palace in his own image, heir to medieval traditions and Renaissance ideas. For him, Chambord was as much a secluded retreat where he liked to go hunting with his close friends, as it was a brilliant architectural creation and a political manifesto. He invited foreign diplomats and, in 1539, his rival Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, to dazzle them. At the time of his death in 1547, the chapel wing and lower enclosure had not yet been completed.

Product characteristics

Dimensions : Ø 34 mm

Material : Metals (89% Cu, 5% Al, 5% Zn, 1% Sn)