Collection medal castle of Chambord and a deer 2023

- Collector coin

- Monnaie de Paris

- Year 2023

- The deer in front of the Château de Chambord

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Product description

A collector's and souvenir medal

Struck by the Monnaie de Paris, this medal is both a collector's item and a souvenir.

Its obverse features the stag in front of the Château de Chambord. The stag is one of the emblematic animals of the Domaine national de Chambord.

A prized collector's item, it will complete your collection of coins linked to France's great cultural sites.

Domain note

Deer at Chambord

Chambord is a world reference for knowledge of large wild ungulates, thanks to a strategic scientific program. Chambord is the only site in France to combine a surface area large enough to preserve the natural behavior of large animals, with a wall that prevents them from entering or leaving. This exceptional situation is complemented by a hunting and forestry service staffed by wildlife specialists, well versed in paneling techniques, who have been collecting and preserving deer data for decades. This combination of factors enables consistent, long-term monitoring of large animal populations, as well as comparisons with populations in open areas.

Product characteristics

Dimensions : Ø 34 mm

Matierals : Metals (89% Cu, 5% Al, 5% Zn, 1% Sn)