Chambord corkscrew box

The Chambord corkscrew box is your greatest ally during your meals and tastings.
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Product description

The Chambord corkscrew box is your greatest ally during your meals and tastings. In the shape of a bottle, this complete kit contains high quality accessories to serve and taste your wines with elegance. First tool of the sommelier, use the metal corkscrew to uncork your most beautiful bottles. Then serve your guests thanks to the spout shaped pouring stopper and use the non-drip collar to pour with precision. This box is the ideal gift to please wine and spirits lovers.

Domain note

THE CHAMBORD WINE The wines of Chambord are natural, produced in organic agriculture, without the use of sulfite or artificial yeast. They are hand-picked by volunteers, including agents of the Domaine national de Chambord. The grapes are emptied in whole bunches (without destemming) into stainless steel tanks. Thanks to the indigenous yeasts present on the grape skins, fermentation occurs naturally; the juice gradually turns into wine inside each grape berry. Chambord has a real winery where the grapes are harvested and vinified. The label features Chambord motifs such as the double C, and royal symbols such as the crown of François I or the fleur de lys. The "baroness" bottle was chosen in memory of a model from the personal cellar of the Maréchal de Saxe, who was a guest at Chambord in the mid-18th century, and of which a specimen was unearthed during an archaeological dig. The cork, marked with the double C of Chambord, meets an ecological charter. It is made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, derived from sugar cane. The 100% recyclable cork has a reduced carbon footprint. A series of wine-related products has been created, including glasses, coasters, and leather bottle holders marked with the Chambord seal.

Product characteristics

Dimensions : Ø 6 x h 23 cm Material : Plastic and metal