Booklet of 8 Chambord collector's stamps - Limited Edition

- Eight collector's stamps

- New stamp booklet

- Limited edition

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Product description

A booklet of collector's stamps

This booklet of collector's stamps is the perfect addition to your stamp collection. This limited edition features eight stamps highlighting the singularity and multi-faceted identity of the Domaine national de Chambord.

The cover photo is an aerial view of the château and its grounds, while the inside page features a more general view of the estate.

The eight stamps feature the emblems of this jewel of the region's heritage: the salamander, the château and its gardens, an aerial view and a front view of the château, the top of the double staircase, Louis XIV's parade chamber, the deer and the osprey.

Printed in a limited edition, it will delight all philatelists!

Domain note

Chambord x La Poste

Erected in 1519, Château de Chambord is an emblem of the Renaissance in France and around the world. The château and its 5,440-hectare forest estate are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and are also classified as historic monuments.

As a major multi-activity service provider, La Poste is developing a close relationship with the French people, facilitating their day-to-day lives and playing a long-term role in their communities.

La Poste also seeks to support the development of its regions, in particular by promoting their tourist attractions. This is the background to the creation of a stamp collection illustrating the uniqueness and beauty of the Domaine national de Chambor


Product characteristics

- Eight stamps

- Permanent validity of the green letter for your shipments to France.