Book Oscar et Margaux et les châteaux de la Loire

- Discover Chambord and the châteaux of the Loire Valley with Sylvie Tellier

- A fun, informative and easy-to-read book

- For ages 6 and up

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Product description

A book to discover the châteaux of the Loire Valley from age 6

Today, Oscar and Margaux's mother is on a business trip to the Loire Valley. She hopes to see the incredible collection of French kings there!

As soon as their mother leaves, Oscar and Margaux activate their magic tablet: Tabilou has the power to tabiporter them in the blink of an eye, without anyone knowing! What if they went on location to find out more about this mysterious collection? A magical journey begins, discovering the kings and queens of France, the splendid châteaux of the Loire and their grandiose gardens...

Domain note

Château de Chambord

In 1519, a palace sprang up in the heart of the Sologne marshlands. François I, a young king, ordered its construction. It was a monumental work of architecture that the king liked to show off to sovereigns and ambassadors as a symbol of his power, inscribed in stone.

The château's layout and decorations were designed around a central axis: the famous double-revolution staircase, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, an ascending spiral that leads from the terraces to the abundance of sculpted fireplaces and capitals. It was not until the reign of Louis XIV that the building was completed. It was also during this period that the château's grounds were landscaped in the 17th century. The château and park have been state property since 1930.

Today, Chambord welcomes two million visitors a year.

Product characteristics

- Publisher: Calligram

- Language: French

- Paperback : 36 pages

- Reading age : from 6 years

- Dimensions : 15.2 x 0.5 x 20 cm

- ISBN : 2884808302