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The Chambord hedgehog plush is a cuddly blanket for small children.

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The Chambord hedgehog plush is a cuddly toy for small children. The baby hedgehog is one of the many animals found in the bushes of the Chambord forest. Give this hedgehog cuddly toy to your newborns to provide them with a tender companion from the cradle.

Domain note


An emblem of the French Renaissance throughout the world, the castle cannot be dissociated from its natural environment, the forest. Chambord is the largest walled park in Europe, with the same surface area (5440 hectares) as the city of Paris itself.

In 2002, four fifths of the Chambord national estate were proposed as Natura 2000 sites. Natura 2000 is a European network of ecological sites whose two objectives are to preserve biological diversity and enhance the natural heritage of the territories, while taking into account the economic, social, cultural and regional requirements of the sites.

Two European directives lead to the choice of Natura 2000 sites:

- the 1979 "Birds" directive, which lists 180 species of community interest that require special attention

- the "Habitats/Flora Fauna" directive, which lists 200 types of natural habitats, 200 animal species and 500 plant species of community interest to be preserved.

The presence of breeding or migratory species of birds, flora or remarkable insects justifies this classification: the osprey and swimming flute in particular are present on the Chambord national estate.

These different protection statuses ensure the sustainability of the landscape and biodiversity. In addition, the park's managers ensure that a subtle balance is maintained between the preservation of environments and species, the upkeep of the forest and the management of large fauna.

Product characteristics

Dimensions : 23 x 13 x 13 cm

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