Chambord x Garnier-Thiebaut - Hand towel cotton CC

- Hand towel 30x30cm

- Stamped with the seal of Chambord

- 100% cotton

- Made in France

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Product description

A soft and practical hand towel

This 100% cotton 500g/mg hand towel has a great absorption capacity despite its small size and is practical for wiping the hands of the whole family.

Bring a royal touch to your bathroom with this terry towel stamped with the seal of Chambord.

Soft and pleasant to the touch, it will be useful as a hand towel if you place it near a sink.

Coordinate with the towel stamped with the same seal.


What is the difference between a guest towel, a hand towel and a bath towel?

The guest towel is better known as a hand towel. It is generally used to dry the hands. Its 30x30cm size makes it practical and allows it to be placed near a sink.

The towel is smaller and is used to wipe the face or the hair. Its most common size is 50x100cm.

The bath sheet allows to wrap the body at the exit of the bath or the shower. Its most common dimensions are 100x150cm or 70 x140cm.




Domain note


Like the fleur de lys or the crown of François I, the seal of Chambord is a royal symbol.

This "double C" was specially created by the estate from a forest hammer. Indeed, this tool had, on one side, an axe blade to remove pieces of bark, and on the other, a mass engraved with a punch to hit the trunk. Thus, the mark of the trees to be cut was printed... This operation was called "hammering".

Today, the Chambord brand uses this royal seal on all the estate's wine production and to certify the origin of products made directly from the estate's resources.

Product characteristics

Dimensions: 30x30cm
Color : white
100% cotton