Children's activity book Chambord

This knowledge of the arts for young people is an activity book for 9-13 year olds. It tells the story of Chambord, the castle of François I and invites the young reader to understand the architecture, the monarchy and the life of the court during the Renaissance.

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François I had barely been crowned when he launched the construction of Chambord in 1519. Winner of the battle of Marignan in 1515, and a lover of art, the young king imagined a castle that was both modern in its construction principles and sumptuous in its decoration, which would appear to everyone as the dazzling symbol of his glory.

Hunting lodge? Royal residence? Chambord was hardly occupied at the time of François I, who left it unfinished at his death. However, it became one of the favourite pleasure houses of Louis XIV, who completed the building work of his distant predecessor on the throne and fitted out the royal flats to make them more comfortable.

In the 18th century, the castle hosted a few prestigious guests, but the kings no longer stayed there. Looted during the Revolution, bought back by the Bourbons who opened it to visitors in 1821, it finally became the property of the State in 1930.

With its four hundred and twenty-six rooms and its immense park (it is said that its surface area is equal to that of Paris!), Chambord is today the largest of the Loire Valley châteaux!

How did people live in this immense dungeon that looks like a fairy tale palace? This is what you will learn during your visit, following in the footsteps of Raphaël and Tichien. Get ready to take a leap into history, François, Louis, Stanislas, Maurice and Henri are waiting for you!

Domain note


In 2022, Connaissance des Arts is launching its new children's collection on the great artists and the essential elements of our heritage. The first issue is devoted to Chambord, the castle of François I.

This fun and practical documentary collection is designed for children and pre-teens and is in line with school curricula from CM1 to 5e. Specially designed for a young audience, the collection opens a fun door to the universe of the arts in all their diversity: heritage sites, artistic movements, the work and lives of key artists in the history of art.

Ideal for preparing, accompanying and extending a visit to a museum, an exhibition or a historical site, this collection provides reference points and keys to understanding for children, while at the same time stimulating their creativity and curiosity through quizzes, activities and games with riddles.

Richly illustrated and full of amusing and enlightening anecdotes, each issue reaches out to children to make them want to jump into the space-time capsule of art history in the company of Raphaël and Tichien, the two illustrated characters who are the mischievous "red thread" of the collection.

A collection of introductory art history books to learn while having fun!

Each issue is devoted to a single theme, with an editorial to set the scene, a highly visual context to give the reader a sense of time, a large central dossier divided into four to six thematic, interactive and illustrated chapters, followed by games, riddles and suggested workshops, not forgetting suggestions for readings or films to extend the exploration of a place or a work.

Product characteristics

51 pages

Texts by Virginie Berdal

Drawings by Charles Giai-Gischia

Available in French only

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