Chambord x Deux bécasses - Bracelet cord pearl medal silver 925 double C

- Adjustable cord bracelet with pearls

- Chambord seal medal

- Silver 925

- Handcrafted

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Product description

An adjustable silver bracelet 925 mixed

This cord bracelet with a 925 silver medal engraved with the "double C", seal of Chambord, is a beautiful present to offer to all Chambord enthusiasts or history buffs. This silver bracelet is adjustable thanks to its cord with sliding knots allowing it to adapt to all wrist sizes.

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Domain note

Château de Chambord x Deux bécasses

The Chateau de Chambord has at heart to work with local brands that favor artisanal manufacturing, of which Deux bécasses is one.

Deux bécasses jewelry is imagined and designed in the Centre-Val de Loire region, in Tours. They are designed in Mexico where the brand works with 15 families in total, each specialized in a particular technique. For the Château de Chambord collection, three families made the jewelry by hand.


The seal of Chambord

Like the fleur de lys or the crown of François I, the seal of Chambord is a royal symbol.

This "double C" was specially created by the estate from a forest hammer. Indeed, this tool had, on one side, an axe blade to remove pieces of bark, and on the other, a mass engraved with a punch to hit the trunk. Thus, the mark of the trees to be cut was printed... This operation was called "hammering".

Product characteristics

Gender : mixed

Weight : 3g

Material of the medal : silver 925/1000

Medal shape : round

Adjustment system : sliding knot

Delivered in a pouch


Care instructions:

Like all metals, silver oxidizes and blackens over time. This blackening has nothing to do with the quality of the silver but is part of a chemical reaction specific to this metal.

This is why we recommend that you clean your silver jewelry with a special silver cleaning chamois. This gesture will allow you to give back the brightness to your silver bracelet.